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Swim, Tennis and a whole lot of FUN!

The DoubleGate Swim & Tennis Club is a private club that includes a Pool, Six Tennis Courts, a Sport Court, Playground, Walking Paths, and a Lawn Area for Social and Sports Activities.  We are located in the DoubleGate Subdivision. Our facilities are privately owned by
our members.

The DoubleGate Swim & Tennis Club welcomes all DoubleGate residents to become members. The Club use is limited to paid resident members and their non-resident guests. We also allow a limited number of non-resident families to join. 

Are you looking for the DoubleGate Homeowner's Association website?  You can find it by clicking here.

DoubleGate HOA


  • If you, your guests, or anyone in your family have COVID then please do not come to the pool.
  • Take your temperature prior to your arrival, if your temperature is 99+ then please do not come to the pool.
  • Please do not come to the pool if you have, or have had, a cough, a fever, or have been in contact with anyone exhibiting these symptoms in the past 14 days, and/or if you are living with anyone who is sick or quarantined.

  • As the pool season progresses, the Board may adjust these rules as necessary
  • The COVID-19 rules set by the Double Gate Swim and Tennis Board are intended to keep members and  AMS staff safe and to ensure that our pool can remain open throughout the season
  • These rules are based on the Fulton County Department of Health COVID-19 Guidance for Public Swimming Pools
  • If members do not agree with these rules for any reason, they may contact the Board and also exercise their right to not attend the pool or enter the club grounds
  • If individual members or family units do not follow the club’s COVID rules, the Board may temporarily suspend their access to the pool and club grounds
  • If the club membership as a whole does not follow the club’s COVID rules, the Board reserves the right to close the pool indefinitely
  • If any member has a concern about other members or AMS staff not following the COVID rules, please contact the DoubleGate Swim and Tennis Board 
  • Disinfecting and Hand Sanitation
  • Each time an attendee enters the pool gate, please utilize the hand sanitizer provided by the club at the entrance
  • Each hour the life guards will wipe down bathroom surfaces and test the chemicals in the pool; adult swim (“lifeguard break”) will be extended to 15 minutes to help facilitate this.
  • If any attendee feels additional disinfecting is necessary, they can disinfect surfaces using their own supplies

  • Pool Attendance & Social Distancing
    • Members and guests must wear the 2020 wristbands while at the pool.  Each family has 2 guest wristbands and the exact amount of member wristbands for their immediate family
    • While using the pool, all attendees must practice social distancing (6 feet separation between family units)
    • The parents/heads of family units are responsible to monitor and enforce social distancing practices for their own family units while on all parts of the club grounds
    • No kids under 13 allowed without parent supervision at the pool 

  • Pool Furniture and Facilities
    • There will be a limited amount of tables and chairs on the pool deck and may be used only after the user disinfects the table themselves with their own disinfectant and upon leaving the table.  Members may also bring their own chairs onto the pool deck but must take them when leaving.
    • All tables on club grounds will be set in socially distanced locations and may not be moved for any reason
    • The water fountain will be turned off
    • The club will not maintain a Lost and Found; lifeguards will throw away all left items at the end of the week on Wednesday nights
    • Swim at your own risk for adults will be allowed if all the social distancing and hand disinfecting rules are followed
    • The grill at the pool and tennis courts may be used only if user disinfects it with self-provided disinfectant prior to and after use
    • Food delivery is allowed if conducted in a safe manner outside of the pool gate

  • Other Facilities
    • Tennis courts will remain open and unlocked but may not be entered for any reason other than tennis play with an online reservation, using our current reservation system
    • Basketball Court will remain open; only residents and guests with wristbands will be allowed to utilize the court

Upcoming events

  • No upcoming events

DoubleGate Swim & Tennis Club, Johns Creek, GA

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